Recent Shows (April 2011)

I had two really fun shows this week. Monday’s performance was in Annandale, VA, and it was my first show in my new home state. I received a very warm welcome and had a blast with the other 4 acts: Snidget, The Blibbering Humdingers, Leth I. Fold and KwikSpell.  It is not very often that a show lends itself to a round-robin format, but it really worked for us.  It allowed for some cool harmonies and I got to do a really fun, impromptu keyboard solo on a Blibbering Humdingers song.

The next night The Humdingers and I took the show on the road up to Mount Kisco, NY and were joined by Swish and Flick and The Gringotts Grrls. Swish and Flick are so amazing live and I was ever so grateful to be able to plug into their system.  My keyboard is just too bass-heavy and a little muddy coming out of my amp and man, did it sound crystal clear.  I had a great time and I was so thankful for all the folks who took the train out from the city in the rain. Such troopers!

Witherwings in Mt Kisco NY

Witherwings performs "Alone" in Mount Kisco, NY April 2011

These shows reminded me of the importance of translating a few more songs to just piano. I really like playing live music, so relying less on my iPod for backing tracks would be a good thing.  The issue I have is that the songs that really rock-out would take on such a different vibe live if I did them exclusively on piano. That is cool if people are familiar with the songs, but if not, it does not give an accurate picture of my sound. It is a trade-off that I need to reconcile. What I really need is a full band!