I Am Giving Away FREE Stuff!

You guys are so supportive and so complimentary and I appreciate you more than you know. Can you help me tell the rest of the world about my music?

As a HUGE thank you, I am giving away some cool stuff to the people who write positive reviews of my albums on Amazon.com

You have two weeks (until Friday August 19th at 11pm EST), so get writing!

Here is what you can get:

The first TWO (2) people to post a positive review of ~W~ “On Lighter and Darker Matters” on Amazon.com get:

  • A limited-edition white Buckbeak Witherwings logo shirt (I only have 1 of each size: M, L and XL so get your review posted ASAP for the best selection)
  • A ~W~ postcard
  • A ~W~ button

The THIRD and FOURTH (3rd & 4th) people to post a positive review of ~W~ “On Lighter and Darker Matters” on Amazon.com get:

  • A ~W~ key chain
  • A ~W~ postcard
  • A ~W~ button

The FIFTH and SIXTH (5th and 6th) people to post a positive review of ~W~ “On Lighter and Darker Matters” on Amazon.com get:

  • A ~W~ postcard
  • A ~W~ button


The first THREE (3) people to post a positive review of Mandala at Twilight’s “The Soundtrack to Your Demise” on Amazon.com get:

  • A Mandala at Twilight t-shirt made by Twilight Tees. The shirts feature an apple with opalescent red ink and say “Mandala at Twilight: Twilight-Inspired ROCK.” These come in all sizes from S to XXXL in both ladies and womens fits.
  • A Mandala at Twilight postcard

(if you find you are the 7th or 8th or… 27th person to post, well, that is a problem I would be happy to have. I will send you something too. )

Here are the links to the two albums on Amazon:

Witherwings “On Lighter and Darker Matters”

Mandala at Twilight “The Soundtrack to Your Demise”

So you posted the review. YAY!!!

Now what?

Are you on facebook? Send your address to me in a private message. Only here on wordpress or seeing this from twitter? Email your address to me: fanmail@mandalasongs.com  Thanks so much everyone!!! I cannot wait to see what you guys think of the albums!


Upcoming Shows and New Merchandise

It is amazing how much time I have been spending everyday doing something relating to my music business.

Several Portland, Oregon DJs have expressed interest in my Mandala at Twilight music and I have been re-mixing many of the tracks to be better suited for club play. My albums tend to be mixed vocal-heavy, and that just does not translate as well to the dance floor. I have had to retrain my ear to mix the songs so that the bass and percussion are a little higher than normal to sound corectly mixed when played in a club.

Next, I have been spending many, many back-breaking (okay, maybe back-irritating) hours making new Witherwings t-shirts.  Each is hand made and I love them. I found a really great silver fabric paint that is opaque and looks good on dark shirts. The holographic glitter has these shirts making rainbows in the sun. They are a dream.

Why the new merch? Well I have a couple of big shows coming up and I wanted to have something new for my fans. In just over a week I will be performing in Bethlehem, Pensylvania at an event called Incendio 2011. Twenty two bands confirmed over two days. It is going to be some much fun. I have seen pics of the performance space and I am really excited about it.  June 10th and 11th (I perform as Witherwings on day 2.) Here is a link with more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=206457176033637 I performed at this event last year and I really recommended you check it out if you can!

I am also organizing a HUGE event in Orlando scheduled for July 23rd. It is going to be a very unique night in that it will be a combined art show and rock concert. The details are almost ready to be announced, so save the date if you are anywhere near Central Florida mid-July! There will be a show in North Carolina the night before on the 22nd, and I will get you those details as soon as I have them.

Want more details about upcoming shows? Want a shirt? Want a CD or a digital download? All you can ever want to know and more can be found at: http://mandalasongs.com/index

Okay, off to clean glitter off my dog. It is everywhere.