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The Layla3G multitrack digital audio recorder

The Layla3G multitrack digital audio recorder.


Layla3G is the third generation of our flagship PCI-based multitrack digital audio recorder. The original Layla premiered in 2000 to critical acclaim, including a TEC award nomination. Since then we’ve been perfecting the art of making high quality digital audio recording products at affordable prices. Now you can get all of the features of the Layla24 for a new low price, and with dual mic preamps.

Layla3G is the perfect center piece for any professional digital audio recording studio. It has 2 universal inputs with mic preamps, 6 balanced analog inputs, 8 balanced analog outputs, and a stereo headphone output. ADAT lightpipe I/O, optical and coaxial S/PDIF I/O, and MIDI I/O are also included. Layla3G comes with a 15′ cable and PCI card that connects to the audio interface. Layla3G is compatible with PCI and PCI-X (3.3 or 5 volt) motherboards.