What am I Thinking!?!?! (My Plans for This Blog)

2011 is going to be quite the year for changes.  I started this year with one of the biggest changes one can make: I moved. Moving from small-town Ohio to the major metropolis of Washington D.C. is just one example of the way things are going to get all turned upside down this year.

I am doing some major soul-searching on the direction of my music career.  What is next for me?

My mac book died. That means my I-am-totally-happy-in-my-comfort-zone studio died with it.  I am about to get really uncomfortable and attempt to put together a new studio in this lovely new house that runs on… Linux. What have I gotten myself into?

Another tour is in the works and this year, it will be a Summer tour. Again, I will be hitting the road with my friend Grace aka Snidget. Last Fall was fun, profitable and a dream come true and I am really looking forward to hitting the road again.

So what can you expect from this blog? An in-depth look into how I plan to wade through all this stuff and all the highs and lows that come with change.

If you are a fan of my music, you will get a glimpse behind the scenes as to how it all comes together.  If you are a musician or just a serious music enthusiast, maybe you will learn something as you watch me figure this all out.  Maybe you are a Linux pro and have recorded countless albums using 64 Studio or some such software and you will be keeping me sane as I attempt not to throw the computer monitor across the room.

I have a lot in store for 2011 and I see this being a very interesting journey. I hope you come along for the ride!