Grovel and Beg (or Support Music!)

Did you know it costs an artist $50 a year to have one album up on iTunes and Amazon?

One of the two albums I have on those sites is up for renewal in 5 days.

If you have ever considered buying one of my albums or just a song or two, now is the time to do so.

I recently reposted a tweet that said “How come people won’t pay $9.99 for an album that took months to make, but have no problem paying $6 for a fatty Starbucks drink?”  This is so true, and so sad.

I would love your support, but I would be happy knowing that this post inspired you to any CD of any artist out there.

Support Music!

But… if you want to by something of mine, here are all the links:

For my latest Witherwings CD (sassy, sultry, bluesy rock):

For Mandala at Twilight (angsty, yet melodic industrial/synth-rock):

If you leave a positive comment on Amazon in the “Customer Reviews” section I will post a HUGE public thank you here, on fb and twitter!