Sonorus 2011

Being back in school for Audio Production has really limited my ability to plays shows recently, but those I have played have been huge in so many ways.

Sonorus 2011, or Sororus II, was amazing and I am really lucky that it was so close to home. First of all, the venue was fantastic. Grace Kendall, who was one of the people who put this together, was able to secure this incredible location after a very successful Sonorus the 1st. Jammin’ Java sounded like a coffee shop or maybe a deli, but when I told my classmates that it was the location of my next show, they lit up and said they have been there many times to see musicians perform.  It was the first place I’ve played to have a green room (well, it was red, actually) and it made me feel like a star!

The bathroom of the Green Room. Apparently bands like to leave their “mark.”

All the bands were great. This was the set order (or really close to it): Muggle Mike, Leth I. Fold, I Speak Tree, Fred and George the Band, Snidget, Witherwings, Bella and le Strangers, Hawthorn and Holly, and The Blibbering Humdingers.

I love that so many of the bands shared the stage with each other.There were so many fun, spontaneous moments.

Dancing back-up singers join Fred and George the Band.

This brings me to my favorite memory of the show. I emailed Scott of the Blibbering Humdingers and Eddie and Christie of Hawthorn and Holly and asked them if they could help out during my set. It was a fleeting thought one morning in the shower that turned out to be one of my favorite performances. It ranks up there with the rockin’ show in Orlando two months ago.

Eddie and Christie during "Oliver Wood."

"Oliver Wood" (Scott, me, and Eddie)

I haven’t been performing “Oliver Wood” recently because, though I wrote it on the piano, I had always intended it to be a guitar song. Not being a guitar player, and not fond of singing this song to a pre-recorded track, I was super excited to get to do this song at Sonorus.

Not only did Eddie nail it, and live percussion elevate the energy of the song, but the addition of a flute part, performed flawlessly by Scott Vaughan, was the icing on the cake.

I am always surprised at how supportive the fans are at wrock shows. I shouldn’t be anymore, but every time I am just so amazed at how loving and kind everyone is. And they buy so much stuff which keeps me being able to make more music and keep Witherwings going. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.





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