Go Go Go

Thanks so the new feature on facebook, I learned that two years ago yesterday I was “go go go.” Well that makes sense as I was planning a wedding, but it made me think about how much I have done and how much things have changed in the last few years.

In the last three years I:

  • Quit my job (a career I had for 13 years)
  • Moved across the country
  • Planned a wedding
  • Got married
  • Threw a killer Halloween party (including making serious paper mache decorations like mounted elf heads, and a troll foot umbrella stand)
  • Started volunteering at my local nature center
  • Organized and put out a Holiday Compilation album for charity
  • Helped plan a Yule Ball
  • Suffered through my Mother’s death
  • Concurrently recorded TWO CDs (in a span of about six months)
  • Played the LARGEST show of my life (in front of several hundred people)
  • Went on tour – Ohio down to Texas up to Chicago and back down to Ohio with many stops in between
  • Completed NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month) Which means I wrote a 50,000 word novella in the month of November
  • Moved again (this time East instead of North)
  • Went on a mini-tour from Virginia down to Florida and back
  • Decided to go back to school for Audio Production and am 1/2 way through my first quarter now

Am I missing anything?

Wow. That is a lot of stuff accomplished. Go me! Go go go!


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