Slow and Not Very Steady… (Chapter 3 of Setting up a Linux-Based Recording Studio)

I started this blog to chronicle my adventures in Linux-based recording software and I have hardly posted. There has not been much to post about…

Partly, it is becasue life has gotten in the way – good stuff like shows, deciding to go back to school and having to do all the leg work to get that going, friends and family coming to visit, etc. However, setting up the studio has not been smooth either. Just when it seems we make a huge leap forward, something else goes wiggy. There are so many variables. We stared with an older CPU that we added memory to. Maybe this is a problem? We get tons of Xruns. Ardour sometimes freezes up or randomly closes. Now, at random, a buzzing sound has shown up when I record my keyboard. That was not there to start. I would guess it was the cord if it hadn’t recorded crisp and clean to start with.

What is going on?!? I feel like we are doing everything blind and that we create a new problem as soon as we fix one.

It has gotten to the point where I dread going in there to work on it. I have not recorded anything in months. Many months. Many many months.  Which means I have hardly written anything because I like to record my tinkering and build on it. My husband suggests I play around with the tutorials and I feel like a parent is telling me to do my homework. Ugh. I do not feel excitement anymore. I just dread having to do my homework.

I have been assured that Linux gives me way more options than Garage Band, but there is something to be said for it working right out of the box. Also, which is superior: Less options but yields a recorded song, or more options but sits there untouched? Seriously?!?


2 Comments on “Slow and Not Very Steady… (Chapter 3 of Setting up a Linux-Based Recording Studio)”

  1. john says:

    Excellent post and food for thought.

    I am also a musician and Ubuntu Linux user who is becoming frustrated with the whole sweat equity angle that originally got me interested in started down this path.

    Someone told me once, “if you see everyone in a given field using the same tools, there is usually a good reason why.” In the recording industry, those tools are Mac and ProTools.

    As much as I hate to admit it, it may be time for me to part ways with the Penguin and take a bite of the Apple. Sounds like you may be headed in the same direction. Frustration is not conducive to creativity.

  2. MandalaSongs says:

    “Frustration is not conducive to creativity.” Gosh that is SO true John!

    I posted a new blog entry last night because we made a little progress by getting rid of the buzzing sound, and it did take some weight off of my shoulders.

    I guess the one thing keeping my head above water is that, starting next week, I am going back to school for Audio Production. There are two things about this that relate to this blog: 1. I will be using Mac and ProTools there, and 2. Maybe I will learn more about the inner-workings of these systems to be able to move forward with my linux-based system. You know, like basic stuff to start that will open my eyes to the more simple set-up issues.

    And if not? I am lugging my keyboard to school and record there LOL.

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