Setting Up a Linux-Based Recording Studio (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Back From the Grave

So the Layla 3G is out of the box and plugged into the computer. The MIDI cable is on its way (minor oversight.) The mini tour is behind me. The house guests had a lovely time visiting and have returned home. Time to get this studio running.

Meanwhile, across the country in Portland, OR a handful of DJs have listened to my Mandala at Twilight music (thanks to a dear friend I have who is active in the Goth scene there.) Turns out, they all really like it. Many have said they want to play select tracks in their sets.  This is the break I have been waiting for. The tracks need a little tweaking for club play – mostly boosting the bass a bit and toning down the dominant vocals. Only problem is… the tracks are on that Mac that died a few months back.  It was time to fork out some money to have the thing looked at/repaired/files extracted.

Minutes before leaving the house to go to the repair place, I thought I would plug him in and hit the power button – you know, just to amuse myself.

Wouldn’t you know it:


He started up.

“Hello? Hello! I am not dead yet. I heard you were replacing me and so I thought I would give it another go.”

(So what. I can make my computer talk in my story if I want to, and apparently he is British.)

So… I have spent the last 24 hours backing everything up and rendering each individual track of the songs I recorded for the Mandala at Twilight CD “The Soundtrack to Your Demise.” This has been quite tedious, but could be worse. The MaT songs seem to average 15 or 16 tracks per song whereas my Witherwings songs average double that due to all the live instruments I record on them. I have even remixed a few of the songs already (on the Mac) but will now be able to work with them on either system with all the rendered tracks.  This has been quite a little miracle for me. I am so glad that I will be able to deliver club-ready tracks in a timely manner and with out the cost of repairing the laptop.

I figure I will spend the rest of today and most of tomorrow getting what I need out of the Mac.  My MIDI cable should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday and I will be free to start playing with the new toys. I am looking forward to Chapter 3 in which I actually DO something on the aforementioned Linux-based recording studio.


4 Comments on “Setting Up a Linux-Based Recording Studio (Chapter 2)”

  1. john says:

    I’ll be following along with your journey into Linux based recording. I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux since 2006 and I look forward to seeing how a non-Mac set-up works out.

  2. MandalaSongs says:

    Thanks John! It certainly will be nice to have your input!

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