Touring: Impatience (part 2) and Manners

Okay, so impatience was reinforced the other day when, after I posted, I decided to make a couple of follow-up calls. One call paid off when I learned the venue had approved, but had just not had the time to get back to me. Lady you just fed the monster. As if I wasn’t already impatient, teach me that it pays off and I will be even more assertive and annoying now to all the others… whoops 🙂

Last night, I was unable to sleep thinking about this show. It is going to be huge. First off it is in Orlando – a place I called home for 9 years, so it is sure to be packed with old friends in addition to people who like my genre of literary-inspired music. Then, I have invited a few musician friends to perform along with us. Add to that, it is a trendy little restaurant and bar. Food, Drinks, Music and Friends. You just can’t go wrong.

So let’s talk about manners, shall we? I spoke with a lovely woman on the phone today and sent her a follow-up email. With in a few hours, I received a response saying that she got my email and that she would get back to me when her supervisor returned from a day off. Wow. Of all the calls and emails I have placed, this is the first  time someone acknowledged that they got my email.  I should not be blown away by this.  I think this is a completely reasonable and professional thing to do. Have we just lost our manners in the age of short texts and tweets? Well, I hope that place works out because I really want to meet this woman and shake her hand. Thank you lady in Tallahassee!


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