Tour Planning and Impatient Me

Ahh… tour planning, how quickly I forget the frustrations you can cause me. I can be a little impatient sometimes ~ okay that might be a tad of an understatement~ and planning a tour really brings this out in me.

I am sitting in front of my empty inbox, frustrated that I sent out those inquiries so. long. ago. I then decide to make follow-up calls, only to look at my calendar and realize it has only been three business days since my initial contact with these places.


Well, I work 7 days a week on my career. It has been six days since I made contact and I though I realize that it has not been that long, it feels more like two weeks.

Patience, Mandala. Patience.


2 Comments on “Tour Planning and Impatient Me”

  1. gomofo says:

    hey man whats up, hey why dont you just ring them? I always find its the most effective, i dunno what its like over there but promoters here even still get 50-100 emails a day and give priority to major artists, frustrating I know, but it might help

    • MandalaSongs says:

      I appreciate the advice. Yeah, phone calls are usually the most effective way to communicate. I was just being impatient – complaining – but only a few days had passed, not even enough time for my contacts to look into things. It does not surprise me that promoters get that kind of traffic, but that was not the issue for this tour. Booking shows for bands playing music inspired by young adult literature really narrows down the kind of venues one can contact. For example, I often contact libraries, so mostly, the waiting is to see if they are are willing to host us and which department we fall under. They are usually not sure what to do with us LOL. But yes, phone calls are the way to go!

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